US team rider CHRISTY PRIOR gets 7th in the Burton AM slopestyle -USA!


Wow, seriously, I love this place -its incredible! Just had three of the most amazing days riding Breckenridge, CO  with good people, great park and today even the weather put it on for us… sunny, blue and B.E.A.utiful! Some days I find your just on your game and the progression you achieve from this just gives you the biggest kick ever! Who needs drugs??… Just go snowboarding!! I’m working tomorrow and the weekend but Friday I have the day off and…. its onnnn!

Also, last weekend we had the Burton AM slopestyle at Winter Park, Colorado, USA….  The caliber of riding was just phenomenal…  For the guys it was show us your double cork and for us ladies there were backside rodeo’s, flips, spinning to win -the works! We had a good kiwi crew there with Jay Walsh finishing 6th overall, Ben Comber with some of the steeziest back 7?s I’ve seen and Stefi Luxton throwing huge front side 540?s over the last jump -unfortunately not quite landing her run and just missing out on finals (which she made up for with a 5th placing at the Canadian Burton Open- so sick!). I placed 7th over all, not quite getting the run I would have liked but it was a great ice breaker for me getting back into it as it was my first slopestyle in nearly two years- and god damn was I nervous!!! Rails are my comfort zone…. not boosting ridiculously fast into large jumps! Hah. But…. I must admit this jumping business…. kind of addictive? All in all it was a good day, and everybody had a blast!

Here’s a shot from our urban session the other night…. I’m working on getting some mag shots this season and this was a perfect warm up rail to start on before we go scaring ourselves sh#tless hitting the good stuff!

Over and out….


February 10th, 2011