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Underground skate and Deadstock.co.nz have combined to keep you looking fresh all year round without having to leave your house. Now you can browse and buy from our online store HERE. Go check it out and join up to the newsletter to hear about the specials and deals happening every week.



Deadstock was started in 2012 by two brothers in the south and in late 2013, Underground skate took it over. Underground (est 1997) sell a wide range of Surf Skate Snow and Fashion items РDeadstock is now loaded with a selection of the finest street wear brands in store from New Zealand and worldwide.  Deadstock is backed up with a real quality bricks and mortar retail store with knowledgeable staff who love what they sell.

When shopping on Deadstock you can rest assured that you a dealing with a long standing, trusted stable business that will be here long after your goods arrive.

All orders are shipped from physical stock instore at Underground. 


June 21st, 2014