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REGISTRATIONS can be done ONLINE here:
Otherwise you can register on the day for a small $5 fee.

Today we locked in all the sponsors and really excited to have everyone on board helping support the event!
Check them out on the poster and all the prizes they have to give away on the day!

The divisions are, Under 13s, Under 16s, Open Mens and Womens Open.

For more info, check out our Facebook event page for details. >> CLICK HERE <<


December 4th, 2015


Orewa Skatepark

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Orewa Gets a New Skatepark…. The Rumor becomes reality.

This has been a long time coming!  After being heavly involved in the first Orewa Skatepark in 1997, I’m stoked to announce we finally have an amazing new park on the way!
Back In 1997, the Rodney District Council gave us $3000 and said, “if you want it, you build it, skateboarding is just a fad”. Well, we did (with the support of some solid local crew) and 18 Years on, that ‘Fad’ as turned into one of the most used council facilities in the Hibiscus Coast, a place where life long friendships have been formed and a whole ‘Coast’ lifestyle has evolved.
Huge props go to the key people who have made this happen.  Sarah Jones at The Council, Rich & Grant at Contrax The HBC & Bayes board and most importantly the locals Mark, Alan and Harris who attended every meeting with me and did so for no other reason than the pure love of OSP.
Next time you see them buy them a beer and say thanks because almost everyone involved has done this in their free time for you to enjoy.
Park detail links are below.
Key Points: 
  • Open all going well by DEC 2015.
  • Yes park will be removed for a few months.
  • New Mini Ramps will be in and skateable in the next month or so.
  • Us skate comp will run as soon as it opens.
  • We are $25k short to build some outside features if you have plenty of cash and want to donate or help us fundreaise please reply by email to me (
Thanks to all, the next generation have it sorted!
Nick Humphreys.

Here’s the fresh new design for OSP, courtesy of the good fulla’s over at RICH Landscapes.

If you have any questions then fire away and we’ll continue to keep you posted on progress and updates as they come to hand. Make sure you have liked our Facebook page to keep in the loop.

 The Orewa Skate park Renewal Project has been a welcomed addition for the skatepark users of Orewa.   RICH Landscapes has envisioned an environment that connects with its position on the Hibiscus Coast and its gateway location to the North.   The design looked at reutilising the old go kart track as a flwing ribbon of concrete around the park with a variety of features.   Concrete grinding would bring the surface back to a smooth finish with wavy patterns left to signify its connection to the sea.   Within the existing asphalt area a long sculptural wave like transition has been designed that wraps around a ramped skatepath and Judging area leading to the terraced platform ledges and garden gap.   A variety of other features including a small pump track, cali red kerbs, a wollie sand castle and corten steel have been used to reinforce its connection to the site while providing unique skate opportunities for users.

Click HERE to walk around in the Online 3D Skatepark Environment

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July 17th, 2015